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Year 3/4 - D8 - Miss Amy


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 What has D8 been up to so far this term?

We have been working on building sentences; including how to form a sentence, how to make them interesting and what punctuation is required within a sentence. We have been focusing specifically on verbs, nouns, proper nouns and adjectives. Here is a sample of the work we have done for identifying adjectives used to describe the gingerbread man. 

amy c 1

During wellbeing lessons, we have been exploring friendships. We have explored what makes a good friend and how we can be friendly towards others. Here is our brainstorming we did in small groups to make up our word Friends. 

amy c 2

In Science we have been focusing on living and non living things. D8 searched the school to find different living and non living objects. We then specifically focused on the life cycle of a butterfly and the different stages of life.

amy c 3