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Student Representative Council

SRCAt Elizabeth South Primary School we believe that students have a voice and are able to make a valuable contribution to their school. It is important that students be given the opportunity to express their views on issues of concern to them in the school. It is equally important that they are listened to and encouraged to take an active part in promoting the aims and objectives of the school.

Student voice plays an important part in the day to day proceedings of Elizabeth South Primary School. The goal is to: cater for a wider range of student needs, increase student involvement and participation and support students working through democratic processes to bring about change and deal with issues which they deem as important for their school and wider community.

Teachers facilitate class meetings and SRC meetings occur each week. Where practicable there is a boy and a girl leader from each class who attend meetings.
During the year students are offered opportunities to develop their leadership skills, be it through a formal day of school based leadership training, Sports Day and the Better Buddies initiative.

Student leaders also work closely with other students, staff and community members to:

  • Devise plans to ensure resources & space are shared equitably
  • Organise and promote fundraising events
  • Initiate activities to celebrate ‘special’ days-such as Harmony Day and Reconciliation Week
  • Survey students to gain ideas for future resources and equipment
  • Work with leadership to improve yard and behavioural issues 
  • Organise and support peer tutoring/buddy learning activities
  • Ensure that environmental projects-such as recycling are maintained in the school