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Mrs Bannear’s Classroom Newsletter -D8

Welcome back to school for Term 3 (how is it already term 3?).

We are set for busy term; please have a read of our newsletter to find out what we will be doing in our learning area.

Brain Food Break

Students are encouraged to bring in an extra piece of fruit to have during morning learning time.

Please also ensure that your students have a water bottle to have on the table. This will limit interruptions to the learning routine.

Camp and Excursions

Just a reminder that camp payments are due in Week 9. We thank those families that have already paid.

We have one planned excursion at this stage which will be held near the end of the term. Please look out for notes closer the event.

There is the possibility of an extra excursion, however we are looking into costs involved for families so look out for more information as we have it.

Enterprise Day

Enterprise Day has been set for Tuesday Week 5. Students have begun planning their stall, and advertising will happen over the next couple of weeks.

Enterprise Day provided students the opportunity to use skills taught in the classroom in a real life setting. The day also supports students fundraising efforts for the school camp.

We will be sending notes home in the next week to seek donations and/or parent helpers for the day. Please look out for these.

Parent/Caregiver and Teacher Communication

If your child is away for any reason please call the school on 8255 1068 or send a note with your child when they return to school. Please be aware that should a child be away for two or more days without parent notification we are required to contact home for an explanation.


Term 3 Learning Overview

Our Term 3 IBL theme is Earths Place in Space.

Throughout the unit students will be covering Math, Science, English and Technology.

Students will also be focusing on the following concepts:


Reading Groups

Daily 5

Grammar lessons






Australia’s neighbours

Economics and Business

Enterprise Day

Needs and Wants

PE will be covered by Mr Gardiner on Monday afternoons. 

The Arts will be covered by and Ms Kim on Wednesdays and Mr Gardiner on even week Thursdays.

Kitchen Garden lessons will be taken with Ms Holloway on odd weeksThursday.