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C4 has been a very busy room recently! Some of the students from our class found caterpillars on one of the bushes in the school garden. We very carefully brought some of the branches inside and we began watching for changes. Over 6 weeks we watched 8 caterpillars form their chrysalis and then emerge as butterflies. We then very carefully returned them to the bush where they had been found.

caterpillar Smallcocoon Small

A lot of learning occurred while we had the caterpillars in our room. We have learnt about what caterpillars and butterflies need to survive. We have also looked closely at the parts of a caterpillar and butterfly. We have found out that a butterfly’s body has a head, thorax and abdomen. We kept a record on a calendar of when changes occurred. This helped us to learn about the days of the week and how a calendar works.

We were very happy that all of our caterpillars changed into butterflies.

Other recent highlights have been trying out the new nature playground and making toys with Robert during our STEM time. We have made cars which we raced and kaleidoscopes. Both were a lot of fun and we had to do a lot of thinking about how to make them work the best way!

  butterfly Smallbutterfly artwork Small