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Room C3 News

C3 has have been having a fantastic time working hard on their learning in all areas of the curriculum. However, as a class we feel we are MOST excited to share our hard work in S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning and the exciting social play we have been engaging in in our new Nature Play area.


So far this year in STEM with Mr Robert we have experimented with materials and substance changes by making sticky goo, built motorised crawling critters which danced around on our tables, built miniature push carts out of craft resources and only recently experimented with movement and coding with Bee Bots.

With more cross curriculum units and STEM work planned this term we are sure to continue stretching our brains through these wonderful hands on learning experiences.

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Nature Play

Our new Nature Play area has just been completed and is ready for testing and we have put it through its paces. We were keen testers and have been happy to get our hands and more dirty on several occasions so far this term in discovery.